SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”It is the process of getting traffic on website from the “free,” “organic, &“natural” search results on search engines.

Digital Freelancers is an SEO Company in Muscat, offering freelance SEO services to the big to small organizations in India. We are the team of Experienced SEO Freelancers who are offering SEO solutions for businesses launching themselves on a Freelance basis. Our SEO Experts ensure you Guaranteed Top 10 Search Engine Ranking on all major Search Engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Technical and marketing problems will be identified by our experts at competitive prices. By our Search Engine Optimization Services and PPC Services strategies, we generate new customers to the businesses on a daily basis. We help people to grow their business by suggesting a suitable strategy as per their business and we even educate them about these strategies

We are constantly researching, connecting, testing and finding other methods to help our customers to succeed, we can offer most and best relevant advice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an imperative part in guaranteeing the success of any organization and the business growth. It must be flawless so that your items and services are noticeable to a large number of potential clients. Henceforth, it's critical to evade any wrong step which will influence your brand vicinity in the computerized world and, as a result, is positioned deep down in web search tool result pages where it can't be seen by your targeted audience. Digital Freelancerz can help you to optimize your online presence for inbound marketing and ensure business growth and development by promoting your products and services to your target audience in a more advanced technological way.

Benefits after our Affordable SEO Services

  • Get listed on leading search engines and directories – Google, YahooASK, Bing, dmoz
  • Get higher rank on search engines – we optimize your website & your content on an ongoing basis.
  • Generate more traffic on your website – monthly submissions & link building activities
  • we research, identify and use the most effective keyword's phrase relevant to your target market
  • Higher search ranking places you as an industry leader
  • Get regular reports tracking your website traffic and ranking

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the best approach to acquire maximum visitors to your website. When searching for any products or services, people tend to turn to the internet first. You could be missing out if you're not at the top of their search results on major search engines. In SEO we work hard on the keywords related to your products and services & then use them for a better result for your websites.


Expanded correspondence for organizations raise the brand awareness and improve customer service. In today's global Digital reach, it is essential to stay in touch and engage yourself directly with the current and targeted customers. Our social media marketing services establish your brand on the major social media platforms and enable you to interact directly with the customers.

Social Media Marketing Services is a critical part of the digital marketing to promote your brand in a direct and positive way among your focused group of customers. We use advanced social media marketing tools for your brand Promotion. Our social media marketing services allow your brands to reach maximum customers through multiple social media platforms and offer you a chance to do complete monitoring & Analysis of your brand and customers sentiments, thus helping you in the process to do clean&focused marketing for your products and services. 

Social Media is an important part of the modern-day websites.Having a presence online improve the comfort to potential customers, and it is also is a very important Approach for getting higher traffic on your website.It is understandable that many companies don't have too much time to run their social media campaigns. Some however just need a helping hand as to where to start, and how to make relationship with their existing, as well as targeted clients then we provide complete assistance to maintain the social media campaigns.

Future Tech use all these techniques to create awareness, influence customer's opinion and drive in traffic as well as improve the search engine ranking of a website. Contact us to avail our Social Media Optimization services!.We have rich experience of creation and execution of many Social Media Marketing on different social media channels and we make sure that we can create the exact brand image on the web that a client wants. Social Media Marketing Packages help our clients to get more fans and followers on their different social media channels helping tangible improvement in their work quality.


ORM (Online Reputation Management) plays a vital role in over-all marketing mix of an organization, as the number of internet consumer spending grows, more and more businesses are allocating portions of their budgets for online advertising.Once a Digital campaign begins, we track all important  information such as traffic, conversions and user behavior.

Our approach to Maintain Online Reputation combines creative marketing strategy with required track analysis, to see what is working and what could work better.


People remember more what they see than what they hear or feel. You can leave a lasting impression on your audiences and potential customers by crafting your story into an eye-catching video explaining your services and products to users in an innovative memorable manner.

It sounds good but can be a tricky one. Well! Future tech can help.

Yes, we are professional in building a powerful addition to any marketing campaign. We can assist you in creating high quality, mind-blowing videos and digital films covering the entire essence to expand your trade area. With our video brochure services, you can easily reach your audience, boosting visibility, and enhances user engagement on your content in a creative way.

We bring life to your business, product, and services with our exclusive video brochure services. We can make more leads to visit your website by spreading your message in a prolific efficient way.

Our team creates video counting excellent features with the latest technology making it easy for you to grab attention and communicate with users. You can use the video Brochures in several unique ways to meet your expectations and requirements like branding, training, corporate reports, presentations, recruiting direct marketing, promotions, invites, video presentation, educational and training modules, retail marketing, etc. fruitfully.

With the smart and bespoke video brochures containing LCD screens, you can easily demonstrate your business skills, strengths, and best qualities resourcefully.

Based on your specifications unique customized brochures are designed by experts at very competitive prices.

So, with Future tech, you are assured of getting the best services along with saving you precious time and hard-earned money.


Currently, Email or email broadcasting is one of the most effectual and triumphant forms of digital marketing used by many businesses. But, not all receive the desired results due to lack of right approach. Email broadcasting is extremely beneficial if done effectively to target to the right audiences. Data Park can help you with it. We provide supreme email broadcasting services to grow your business productively. Our powerful email marketing strategies and services make it trouble-free to create, share, and track emails. We provide a better and simple pathway to engage your customers.

We expertise in helping small and large companies attain success by leveraging the astounding power and balance of email marketing. Here, we are a team of professionals devoted to accomplishing the easy as well as the difficult task of perfecting your email marketing campaign for better results.

We can broadcast your email campaigns; aid you in crafting an attractive and engaging design, and supply valuable data for the concluding project.

We provide all the essential support and tools you require to attain desired results and success. Your customer base will surely increase as we offer stunning, mobile-optimized templates that appear great on every device. We make sure your email reaches the inbox. And with our innovative customized editor, you can customize your emails as per your specifications in no time.

We understand your ultimate goals that vary from business to business and based on your particular requirements we deliver customized services. Our email broadcasting services cover various benefits like cost efficient, fast, Measurable and Accountable.

Our email broadcast abolishes the need for expensive printing and postage. You can get responses rapidly and response them quickly to serve better.

So, give us a chance and reach in the mailboxes of your targeted audiences ina well-to-do approachable manner.


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”It is the process of getting traffic on website from the “free,” “organic, &“natural” search results on search engines.

Enhancing your brands vicinity in the computerized world always creates more lead and better ROI. So it's critical that your site shows up on the first page of web crawlers for better engagement, when clients are hunting down them. Pay Per Click (PPC) is an exceptionally successful approach to increase your site presence in front of targeted customers. Utilizing our administration, you can build your brand mindfulness rapidly by targeting the right clients at the right place.PPC ensures you will only have to pay asper the number of clicks and visits to your website. We help you get positive results in terms of lead generation and improve ROI, conversion, when customers search for related Keywords. We always approach to get quick results based on generating quality leads and better ROI.

In PPC we focus on several points:-

  • Keyword Research & Grouping
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Create Multiple Ads and Landing Pages
  • Monitor CTR & Conversion Ratio
  • Reports & Optimization

PPC is the fantastic way of instant driving traffic on your site. However, it may be very expensive. As we all know, SEO takes much time to give the results, many companies use PPC as a substitute way of bringing traffic on their website through all Major search engines. Personally, we believe Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click can go Parallelly. Over time when the SEO work starts to kick in, PPC can be reduced and therefore over the long-term can be reduced. But today's problem is that many companies do not know how to use PPC or simply do not have time, so here we are available to give the best services on PPC Advertisement & tend to produce best results for your companies in terms of Sales & revenues


  • Set up effective PPC campaigns
  • Generate instant results
  • Maximise ROI from the campaigns


Want to fuel your sales and leads, then you have landed in the right place… At Data Park, we are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals devoted to providing qualified, exclusive leads delivered in real time. We work with a common objective to bring up targeted and engaging practical prospects for you meeting your business needs. With our lead generation services, you will experience quick turnarounds and speedy responses from our potential customers. Our experts identify, nurture, manage and convert leads into a sale by using their years of experience and innovative tricks. We help you in crafting a meaningful and long-lasting relationship with your potential clients by bringing positive results.

We believe in quality and hence our lead generation services incorporate boosting of a number of qualified and targeted leads. Our elite focus is to endow the prospects by developing a lead generation approach suiting the specific needs of our specific clients and their business.

For our every valuable client, we work with a unique strategy to get the best leads for them to bring up the preeminent opportunity to make a sale. We develop a complementary scope document focusing on optimizing your commerce. You can completely rely on us to grow your business with our focused leads. We feel pride in ourselves for delivering top-notch lead generation services with highly targeted database plus help you save your hard-earned money.

Our well-organized unique lead generation program amalgamates resourceful methods and unique ideas with the latest technology ensuring effective lead generation for you that converts into customers fruitfully. We ease your work of gaining more popularity among your targeted audiences with our professional lead generation services at very reasonable prices.

So, feel free to contact us and enjoy our enlightening and profitable lead generation services in an affordable manner.


Are you in search of the best and trustworthy SMS broadcast service, place your trust in Future tech! With years of experience in the field and dedication, we provide 24/7 support and a price beat guarantee. We provide promotional as well as transactional SMS Broadcasting Services.

Promotional SMS Services

SMS Service is gaining more popularity in India for business communication. With our promotional SMS services you can let your potential clients to know about the offers and promotions about your business. We help you to contact hundreds of thousands of people through text messaging. With a simple text, you can send a brief message with point to point details that can be instantly read by the recipient.

We have the expertise in offering excellent SMS services to your customers or staff. It is beneficial for different businesses as it unlocks plenty of prospects for businesses at compact prices, enhances overall business and perks up the level of customer service. Spreading your future deals, sales and offers among your clients and potential leads become very easy with our sms services.

Transactional SMS Services

Our transactional SMS services let you contact and keep well-versed to your clients and customers effortlessly. With the crisp and laser prickly transactional services, you can let your customers shop on your website fearlessly with complete sense of security. We can help your leads to share on the essential information required for using your product or service.

With us, enjoy the overall growth of your business with our result-oriented and efficient SMS services in addition to serving your clients and customers productively.

Whatsapp Marketing

Whatsapp is undoubtedly becoming one of the most famous and used communication apps. Billions of active users are sharing videos, messages, audios, etc. so you can use it a powerful marketing tool for your business. Here, we come to the experts of Data Park specialize in Whatsapp marketing services.

We ensure you reach your prospects and customers. With our Whatsapp- marketing service your customer engagement will surely increase.

For maintaining ourselves as the best Whatsapp marketing providers we offer the finest Text, Images, Audio, Videos services that engages almost every recipient. We ensure the utmost successful messages delivery within least timeframe. We have a superfluous network of servers to make sure immediate up to 100% deliverance of WhatsApp Messages. Our Bulk WhatsApp Images, SMS, Audio, Videos package is encumbered with all the latest and interesting features that are presently available in the trade. Whatsapp let you send messages to the DND numbers as well. It allows you to spread your message in a more enchanting manner. You can show your creative skills by using the innovative features of Whatsapp in your promotional campaign or informative messages.

Our creative team makes use of the great features at its best and enriches your Whatsapp messages joining a picture, video or vcards. As per your demands and business requirement, we convey your message to your targeted audiences and make them respond instantly.

We use this feature-rich messaging app at its best to make you gain more profits and overall business growth. Videos can say a lot than words and Whatsapp marketing gives us chance to convey your words more efficiently and we are skilled to make out best from it.

So use the latest technology and marketing techniques and tools with experts.

Content Management System (CMS)

We perceives the vitality of information in any kind of correspondence. Each business entity must have the capacity to convey all its information in a consistent and constant way over the web. Remembering this prerequisite, we provides, content Management System, which permits a enterprises to redesign or add new content to their website all the time. Our Content Management system is an approach to mechanize content assembling and improving content conveyance.

Content Management System (CMS) is an utility which is utilized to control the content of a website. The techniques which fall under CMS consists creation, distribution, association, putting away and maintenance of all content on the site. Content Managers will be trained to handle such systems easily. Such content Management services differentiate between Content & visuals and structure of pages. In this way structural plans can be changed consistently without affecting the content and visual placeholders. Like this,content can be redesigned without affecting the design of the website.

Our content management systems can create all type of pages, from the simple to the complex. You Can explore more services such as Website Development,Social Media Optimization,Search Engine Optimization,Search Engine Marketing and E-mail Marketing. Contact Us now for more Information.